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Social Media News Release

There are a few different types of news releases. Social Media News Release is one of them!

What is a social media news release and why is it important to know as a PR professional?  A SMNR is a press release format designed simply for the online media world according to realwire.  I also found that a SMNR is used to help make releases more reader-friendly to the social media users (social media training).  Traditional news releases will work, but SMNR focuses primarily on online networking.  This website describes 3 different people who appeal to SMNR: traditional journalists, bloggers/podcasters/consumers/readers.

The advantages of a SMNR according to realwire, are that SMNR’s receive double the editorial coverage and up to four times as much on blogs because SMNR’s are more creative in storytelling.  They also are online user friendly.  According to Brian Solis,  SMNR’s have the ability to open up dialog in a way that is not possible with traditional releases.  They help link to multi-media content in social networks.  According to Shelley Martin, one disadvantage of a SMNR is that those who have trouble using computers would not find them helpful.  She mentioned that she really could not locate any other disadvantages.

When should a PR practitioner consider using SMNR?

According to my friend Jon Cissel, PR practitioners should use them when they are trying to reach many people at once.  SMNR are included in many categories and very easy to locate on the web. SMNR’s provide great graphics and information that draw readers in.  SMNR’s link many things together through links and information.  A PR practitioner would be crazy not to use this because SMNR’s are great exposure.

Some Tips on creating a Social Media News Release:  (found on Biz Buzz Weekly)

1. Persuasive and Clear Content: Make sure the reader understands exactly what you are addressing. Try to focus on one topic and expand on it to make your point clear.

2. Optimum Release Length: 400-600 words keeps the reader digesting the information smoothly.  Also, it contains enough information with detail.

3. Anchor Text: These are the links that connect words and phrases to relevant web pages. A good rule to keep in mind is 500-600 words in order to focus search engines.

4. Language: Plain, accurate, and descriptive language.  Audiences need clear understandable language to be interested in the product.

5. Headline & Subhead: Let your headline be the most important keyword in your press release.  Keep the headline 60 to 80 words.  Subhead should be longer, but it is best to keep to two lines or less.  Make sure you repeat in the body of the press release what was mentioned in the headline and subhead.

6. Publish Shareable Information: Needs to be of reader’s interest!  Make sure it is good enough to share in social media. Provide a sharing button.

7. Add Picture Gallery: Go graphic crazy. This enhances your release and draws people in.

Real Wire Posted a few examples of SMNR’s.  Here is one they posted:

Powerpoint by Royal Appointment

Here is a news release on healthcare in social media: Cleveland Clinic SMNR