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social media sites don’t just include twitter & facebook

With such an emphasis on Twitter and Facebook, our society is forgetting about other social media websites that are just as exciting! According to PR Daily, there are 3 other social media sites that may be well worth your time as an organization.

1. Linkedin has been a focus to professional communities and has even yielded even stronger results than twitter.

2. YouTube has only been accelerating since popular in 2006. 89 million Americans watch youtube videos each day. This is the largest video social network. This site has more users than twitter also.

3. StumbleUpon has also become popular. This is the ultimate “surfing” network which provides easy access to anything all across the web.

Keep these in mind, Twitter and Facebook are not the only social media sites out there!


awkward designs..

According to PR DAILY, Kevin Allen mentions how Kotex is getting people to submit designs of maxi-pads because they are changing the design.  Many people have been submitting their maxi-pad designs into Kotexes website.  They have partnered with Sex and the City costumer designer Patricia field in help with resigning the pad.  There are many different trends sending in graphics. I wonder what the new maxi-pad with look like! 😉


Gaga in PR?

According to PR DAILY, Michael Sebastian talked about how Lady Gaga is guest editing a London newspaper.  She is not only editing a feature, but she also is editing comments throughout the issue.  Lady Gaga is becoming interested in this mode of expression and finding the communication of journalism fascinating.  PR and journalism is the best route to take and I am glad Lady Gaga is getting into this field.


Food Network Celebrity Denies Young Child

According to Food Network star puts her ‘barefoot’ in her mouth, Alan Pearcy explains that a young boy age 6 who has leukmia wanted to meet Ina Garden (a famous food network host) and she denied his request.  Actually Alan Pearcy describes how she denied him twice actually.  The public was outraged against her, that eventually she caved in and agreed to meet the young boy, Enzo. This story has not been heard by many, but it does raise a question about the the condition of our world right now.  Why would a person deny meeting a young boy with leukemia? Especially if she knew that it would get out to the public. Something to think about.


Food shrinkage

So we have all noticed when buying a bag of chips or a bag of cookies that half of the bag is plain air.  We have noticed how packages are huge compared to the amount of product that is in a bag.  It has become a topic that we complain about over and over again.  So really, when is someone going to say something about this?! According to Your food costs more- and there’s less of it by Alan Pearcy, he brings this topic to light by addressing all of the evidence he found that this is a true statement, there are a smaller number of servings with a high price.  There is an actual shrinking process of all package sizes that take place.  According to Times, here  are products that have downsized:

-canned goods dropped from 13 oz. to 14

-bags of sugar lost a pound

-bags of chips now contain 20% fewer ships than in 2009

-reese’s minis are smaller now, yet more expensive

So our observations have been correct, sadly to say :/ watch out for those shrinkage packages, they will get ya every time.


facebook fans do not determine popularity

On 5 reasons you should not measure facebook fans, Pascal Jappy talks about how facebook is not a good determining factor for popularity.  Coca-cola has 600,000 more fans than Justin Bieber which does not make any sense according to the world outside of facebook.  Facebook does not give accurate statistics about anything and here is 5 tips why not:

1. They are not a measure of impressions

2. They are not a measure of advocacy

3. They are not a measure of engagement

4. They are not tied to a particular objective

5. A small fan base is fine if it’s active

Next time you get on facebook, remember that just because there is 700,000,000 “likes” does not mean that it is popular. Facebook does not measure popularity!


jokes go too far

On PR Daily “Off-color jokes about Japan cost two people their jobs,” Michael Sebastian reported that a comedian Gilbert Gottfried tweeted many jokes about Japan that were not appropriate.  Aflac fired him for making these comments.  Aflac was very embarrassed and wanted to make sure the world knew that just because Gottfried made these comments, they were not in support of them.  PR people can be very outspoken in hopes of getting the public’s attention.  I believe that making a joke about something so disastrous is unethical and needs to be punished.  Twitter can be used for many routes of communication, but mocking something so serious as the disaster in Japan should not be tolerated.



Social media helps out Japan

On PR daily, “As catastrophe hits Japan, relief groups turn to social media,” Matt Wilson tells us how Twitter and Facebook immediately started coming up with answers how to help.  Organizations needed an access to the public, like American Red Cross and Save the Children, in order to let the people donate to the relief effort.

Social media is an amazing tool for catastrophes like this one.  If you are interested in helping with Japan, there are many donation tools online through social media websites.  Japan is in need of help and we can use our everyday social media as a way to contribute to this help!


social media: a woman thing.

In “Study: Women outpacing men—in social media use,” Alan Pearcy explained that USA TODAY reported that woman use social media way more than men use social media.  In average, Pearcy explains that women participate in 6 or more social media activities.  I believe that woman blog and tumblr more than men do.  There are a lot of creative web pages that men stay away from.  73% of Internet users use social media.  The age rages of these users range from 18-34 year olds. Social media has become integrating into the lifestyle of the majority of young people.  It is a creative way to express and stay connected to a broad variety of people.

So are there downfalls to social media?  I believe so.  Social media can create a scapegoat from having intimate face-to-face relationships.  Because of the vast majority of social media participants, it can be scary to be “real” in person.  Women may need more practice in getting back to those coffee dates, rather, than blogging or facebook chatting all night.


More time please.

TIME. What a valuable word.  We all want more time in this world.  On A Simple Way to Manage Your Time, Willam Penn shares some tips to eliminate some stress by giving us practical ways to make a system to help in this area of our lives.

  1. Setting Priorities
  2. Completing daily tasks
  3. Eliminating distractions

Us PR Journalists need to time manage.  We need success and time management is key.  Not only is this important for our career, but also for every other area in our lives.

Here is the steps Penn shares:

  1. Make a “I must do column,” “I next do column,” “I could do column,” and “Not mine to do column.”
  2. What is the most important? Give this everything you got!
  3. What must on Step #1 need to be moved to another day?
  4. What do you WANT to do today?
  5. Fill in tomorrow’s “To do’s” on a sheet of paper.

Stick to these steps if you need help in time management!