Tips for PR Students!

Being in a writing for Public relations class, I have learned many things to be a successful journalist. Here are some tips I have come up with to be successful:

1. When it comes to writing blogs, make sure to “spice” it up by adding graphics and pictures to accommodate your writings.  When reading blogs, most people look for picture first before reading.  Appearance is important.

2. Be very familiar with every social networking website and be familiar with social media that is new.  As a PR professional, it would be embarrassing to be not be familiar with new media streams of communication.

3. Be efficient in grammar and writing styles.

4. Listen to PR podcasts to become familiar with PR news.

5. Make sure you network with other PR professionals to become familiar in the PR world.  Blogging can help do this.  It is good to comment on PR professional blogs.

6. Read PR daily and other PR websites.  It is good to read the newspaper or any news on the web to become familiar with what is going on in the world.

7. Be tough.  Editors will reject you so it is good to not become discouraged, but continue to take rejection to improve your writing.

8. Be very truthful and when taking information from someone else, make sure to not plagiarize.   It is good to be ethical, especially when it comes to professional writing.

9. Take risks.  It is good to pitch a story that is unique and risky.  The ones who do the risky stories usually are successful!

10. Know your audience.  Be specific about the type of audience you want to be involved with.  Knowing the audience well can help bring efficiency.

Here are some tips that I hope you can take and use if you are planning on becoming a PR professional!! Hope they helped 🙂


One Comment to “Tips for PR Students!”

  1. I really like number nine! I mentioned the same advice in my Topic of the Week post. There are millions of bloggers out there. It’s difficult not to blend in with other bloggers when there are so many. The only way is to take a risk by approaching your writing from a different perspective.

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