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For immediate release:

Harry, small micro-hotel coordinator, MS in marketing. 20 years online. Flicker, it is very easy for one cloud to connect with another cloud. Giving them a complete ownership of their data. Competing with Facebook.  When engaging consumers with social media, you have to fortify your key segments. We cannot only be focused on the sales in a business.  Marketing strategies. Social media will be known for building community.  When the consumer wants to talk about something, we must be there with them in that moment.

You can’t stop focusing on future sales, you must look at current and future sales. Being there for the customer and being aware of what is being discussed online is crucial for marketing.

Craig, just introduced to creepy, he was able to see where people are tweeting and exactly what they are doing and where they are in visual terms. You can see exactly what someone is doing in downloading this app.  Only good for stalkers and weirdos.  When tweeting, be aware that there is a possibility of someone knowing and seeing where you are tweeting from. It is not that much different from surveillance cameras that can tell where you have been all day.

PR podcasts like this one can benefit PR students because this enables students to become connected with what is going on in the media all over the world.  What are the main issues?  When listening to the podcasts, PR students will become aware of recent findings in the media and they will be exposed to the media/social media updates before the majority of people are. It is good to be aware of what is going on in the world when it comes to new technology. I also never heard of “creepy” or have been familiar with those who are behind the scenes of social media.  It was interesting to hear older men who are behind the technology talk about the relation between marketing and social media.


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