Food shrinkage

So we have all noticed when buying a bag of chips or a bag of cookies that half of the bag is plain air.  We have noticed how packages are huge compared to the amount of product that is in a bag.  It has become a topic that we complain about over and over again.  So really, when is someone going to say something about this?! According to Your food costs more- and there’s less of it by Alan Pearcy, he brings this topic to light by addressing all of the evidence he found that this is a true statement, there are a smaller number of servings with a high price.  There is an actual shrinking process of all package sizes that take place.  According to Times, here  are products that have downsized:

-canned goods dropped from 13 oz. to 14

-bags of sugar lost a pound

-bags of chips now contain 20% fewer ships than in 2009

-reese’s minis are smaller now, yet more expensive

So our observations have been correct, sadly to say :/ watch out for those shrinkage packages, they will get ya every time.


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