Infographic wonders.

Without the infographics, the world of advertising and marketing would be a different place.  According to a blog post on Six Revision, an infographic is a creative graphic depicting of data and information presenting knowledge about something while engaging the viewer.  The graphic of the different coffee’s is an example.  Say I was writing a story on global warming and the recent updates of the effects around the world, my client would become more engaged if I presented him/her with a graphic displaying the statistics of weather changes across the world.  The client would be able to visualize the information I was trying to get across to my readers.  Most infographics are made on Adobe Illustrator or photoshop so one would need to purchase a subscription to one of these programs to make the graphic.  There are many sites on the web that offer great useful tips for making an infographic.  Some I found on Designing Quality Infographics: Tips, Rescources and Inspiration. Tips include: succinctness, creativity, visualization, organization, transparency,  accuracy, relevance, and simplicity.  Infographics are found on almost all websites demonstrating any type of information. Charts and tables are popular to demonstrate data. According to wikipedia, infographics display complex information in the forms of signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education.  Some infographics are funny and others are serious.  You do not need have a career in graphic design to create an infographic.  Once starting to create these graphics, it is a very simplistic art that becomes enjoyable to make.  Some free online websites to create these graphics are Stat Planet, Hohli,Creately, New York Times, Many Eyes, and Google Public Date.  The triangle below is the development process of making an infographic which in itself is also an infographic. I hope these tips helped and I hope you start to explore the wonders on infographic making in all your writings!


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