On BlogHer, Melanie Nelson describes how PR practitioners benefit from using HARO.  HARO is short for “Help a Reporter Out” and helps reporters find sources for news articles when they do not know where to look within an industry.  When getting a request from HARO, one must make sure that they do not waste the other person’s time and they must convince the request that they are the best person to ask for answers to their questions.

There have been many incidents of reporters never getting back to their clients which is a big NO NO! Do not waste other’s time on HARO; be respectful. In the responses make sure you are responding with respect and honor explaining to them why you would be a good client for them.

You can subscribe to HARO here: HAROsite

Some tips for writing a successful response:

-Keep it short

-introduce yourself

-Address the information and explain why you’d be a good source

-Answer the questions in the original query

-Pay attention to the deadline

So what are the benefits of using HARO for your client and for you?

HARO is great networking for PR partitioners.  When you are wondering who needs your help, you can directly write to someone with questions that you are knowledgeable about instead of writing to all of the public.  The client and the reporter will be connected easily and will be able to exchange writings faster than trying to find one another on their own.  Also on HARO, you can easily connect with other PR partitioners who have similar writing interests. Everyone wins in HARO according to Melanie Nelson.

I see HARO as a very useful source and will hopefully be using it a lot in the future.  Any type of PR/Journalism career would find benefits using HARO.  Make sure you read up on the tips on writing a response before you request anything from a client or reporter! 🙂


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