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The Language of the Image on NEWSU was my favorite NEWSU so far. I really enjoy photography so it was very interesting to see what type of photos captured reader’s attention.  Also, it was very interesting to  learn about what type of photos can be used in photo-journalism because I am very interested in that field.  In this NEWSU, there were 3 different catagories  the photos were placed in to tell a news story.  The first was “informational.”  In these photos, the photo does not tell a story, but just offers the idenification of a person, place, or thing.  An example of this can be a picture of two people eating dinner.  The look of the photo is obvious that they are eating dinner, but the significance of them eating dinner is not noticed from the photo.  Also, in these photos there is not much creativity such as lighting, proximity, place, etc..

The second catagory was “single elements” such as the graphics making the photo look appealing.  The photographer is looking for the relationship between the lines, shapes, and forms that go well together.  These are when pictures are very creative and tell a story.  The story does not need to be impacting or intense, but a small story is told.  An example of one of these photographs is a close up of a tiger walking.  The photographer focuses on the stripes of the tiger in relation to the background behind him.  The color of the tiger and background go very well together.  The tiger’s fur is what is emphasized and the person viewing the photograph goes right to the tiger at first glance.

The third catagory is when there are multiple elements in a photograph.  Here are the list of the different elements that can be used (not all are usually together):

graphic, quality of life, emotion, juxtaposition, mood, sense of place, point of entry, impact, rule of thirds, perspective, surprise, layering, moment, and personality portrait.

A professional photographer uses many elements to capture the graphic, the story, etc.. to create a great story/visual. An example of one of these photos could be a war photo with the emphasis on a person being shot where all that the person viewing the shot sees is the intensity of the person in pain.  The colors, placing, everything looks just right and causes the person viewing the photo to feel emotion.

I love photography and this course is a very good source in helping with photojournalism!


One Comment to “photography lovers”

  1. This blog is awesome! I love taking photos even though I am not a photographer or even in a photography class or even studying photojournalism. I have always had the sense of creativity and the proper use of lighting and the elements of photographs. And it is nice to now know the names of these things. I have and always will appreciate the creativeness that goes into photography because it is truly an art form.

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