social media: a woman thing.

In “Study: Women outpacing men—in social media use,” Alan Pearcy explained that USA TODAY reported that woman use social media way more than men use social media.  In average, Pearcy explains that women participate in 6 or more social media activities.  I believe that woman blog and tumblr more than men do.  There are a lot of creative web pages that men stay away from.  73% of Internet users use social media.  The age rages of these users range from 18-34 year olds. Social media has become integrating into the lifestyle of the majority of young people.  It is a creative way to express and stay connected to a broad variety of people.

So are there downfalls to social media?  I believe so.  Social media can create a scapegoat from having intimate face-to-face relationships.  Because of the vast majority of social media participants, it can be scary to be “real” in person.  Women may need more practice in getting back to those coffee dates, rather, than blogging or facebook chatting all night.


2 Responses to “social media: a woman thing.”

  1. I think it makes perfect sense that women would use social media more than men! Women are natural communicators, and generally socialize and communicate more than men do. Social media is just providing women with more outlets to socialize and I guess we are taking advantage of them!


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