NEWSU- Grammar

In NEWSU, Cleaning your Copy, I learned much about grammar.  Grammar seems like such an easy thing to know when it comes to writing, but there are so many rules and so many different approaches to writing that a little class like this one helps a lot! When I took the quiz, I realized that punctuation and the basics of grammar did not come easily to me.

Colons are used instead of a period between two sentences that present contrasting ideas. This causes the sentence to flow. Something that surprised me was the fact that commas do not be used as much as I use them.  It is better to figure out a way to use a sentence with less commas. I never really knew when to put dashes and hyphens.  Cleaning your copy taught me how. Dashes denote an abrupt change and hyphens  join words.

Modifiers and Pronouns are something I learned more about doing this course.  You must place modifiers in the correct location.  When using a pronoun, it is best to keep in mind that the reader should know exactly who or what you are talking about.

In this NEWSU course, there were a list of words misspelled commonly. Some of those words were Accommodate, Anointed, Diphtheria, and Occurred.  I seem to always get those wrong! Thanks NEWSU!

Semicolons indicate a greater separation of thought when used and help to link independent clauses.

My dad used to be an English teacher, so I would always have him look over my papers before turning them in.  All my mistakes were in grammar.  I could always write beautiful stories, but when it came to grammar, yikes!  This course has really helped me in the little areas that I had questions.  Being a Journalist, we must know what to do when it comes to grammar.  Journalists out of most careers should probably take a grammar class and be familiar with the many forms of writing.


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