Bakery in NYC//Great Marketing!

On A Bakery Gets Sweet Returns From Social-Media Blitz, a bakery in New York City thought of a creative way of advertising through Twitter, Facebook, and its Blog. They have been holding contests on Facebook and offering people discounts on those who “like” them. Since the bakery has been involved in social media, the shop has seen a 15% to 20% increase in sales since.  People all over the US are hearing about this shop and wanting the bakery to ship goods out. Their first intention was not for advertising, rather, to just create a page on Facebook to engage in culture.

Social Media is an amazing marketing tool for any kind of business.  It can be fun to think of creative ways to advertise and get the customers involved!  Photo contests, quizzes, surveys, etc… are all great tools to use on a Facebook or Blog page.  Twitter can be used to post Tweets on discounts and savings as well.


One Comment to “Bakery in NYC//Great Marketing!”

  1. That does seem like a great deal to me, all you have to do is “like” them on facebook and you get their discounts? I would think that would work very well for them as far as advertising goes and promoting their business. I should look into some of the stores I shop at a lot and see if they have any discounts on their social media sites. Thanks for the idea, Matt.

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