Holiday Time!

It is almost Valentine’s Day and couples all over the world are thinking of special and interesting date ideas. I found this blog on Ragan’s PR Daily cute, fun and festive. Top 10 Words for Valentine’s Day explain the meanings of the lovely words that get thrown around in this love month.

To find out where these words derived from and their meanings, check it out.
Have a Lovely Casanova Valentine’s Day!



One Comment to “Holiday Time!”

  1. I thought this was cute. Valentine’s Day tends to be way too commercialized so it is nice to see different takes on “mushy” words. I liked how some of these words were more unique than just the usual. I love the word “amour.” It is really pretty. Some of the more unique ones that were cool to me were “saccharine” and “aphrodisiac.” “Unrequited” is a rather pure word. It means that something is given without anything in return. Unrequited love- love given without expecting anything in return- is nothing less than what God did for us through Jesus. This being said, Valentine’s Day could be used to celebrate both love from a human standpoint as well as a heavenly one. Thanks for sharing.

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