Poynter helps us Journalists.

There are many topics that are discussed on Poynter to help aid in the start of my career. On —5 Things The Daily should learn from Flipboard, Angry Birds, Huffington Post and other iPad apps, talk about the different apps that become useful to a Journalist/PR person.  There are CNN and many other news apps you can get on an iPad, there are weather apps, ESPN apps, social news apps, and even game apps such as crosswords.  I would have never known that the iPad includes apps that are related to different news topics if it weren’t for Poynter!

Not only does Poynter contain many helpful articles, it also contains many live chats.  The next live chat is for tomorrow and it is on the role that image apps like Hipstamatic have in photojournalism. These chats can connect people like me to other journalists with the same interest.  The chats are very good networking tools and also help you keep in touch with other Journalists.

There are also many work shops and training classes that you can apply for. There are in-person training and even online training. These training sessions are designed to produce successful Journalists.



One Comment to “Poynter helps us Journalists.”

  1. I agree with you– Poynter helps (the latter may be an understatement). I have learned more through the online courses provided than I have in the classroom. Not to discredit the professors, but self-instruction proves to be the best tool for solid reinforcement. I recently went through a NewsU grammar session and it rocked my very small “grammar world”.

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