Blog thieves.

Plagiarism is not something to take lightly. If someone has copied my organization’s blog that I have been writing, I would take action!  I will describe the actions to take if any of you bloggers run into this tragedy.  According to, What to do When Someone Steals Your Blog’s Content, about blog plagiarism, the blogger gives advice on what to do.

  1. Contact the site concerned: Say someone copied my work, I would immediately contact the person who plagiarized and warn them to take my information off, and if not I would sue for copyright.
  2. Whois: Run a Whois.  A Whois a method to discover details of the owner of the blog.  There are many websites/services to do this.
  3. Contact the Site’s Hosts: If the blogger who plagiarized does not respond, contact the site wordpress for an example.  If they do not get a hold of the person, tell them that if they do not take it off, they will be sued for breech of copyright.
  4. File them to be banned from the internet
  5. Legal Action

There are more actions that were mentioned in Darren Rowse’s blog, but I mentioned the most useful. Darren Rowse had this happen to him, so he is experienced with someone taking his work and publishing it without consent.  Good thing I am mentioning him in my blog and giving him credit or I would be in BIG trouble.



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