AP Style!

According to Purdue Online Writing Lab, Associated Press Style (AP Style) is a guideline to help Journalists, Publishers, Editors, etc… in the Communication or English department.  Having a basic knowledge of the AP Style book is essential to any form of Communication and is essential to good writing.

Writing can get so confusing with the many forms of word usage, punctuation, grammar, and clarity.  This book is a good reference when unsure about a word, a phrase, a sentence structure, anything really.

Here are a few guidelines found in the book:

-abbreviations & acronyms



-books, periodicals, reference works, and other types of compositions

-dates, months, years, days of the week




There are many more, but that is just naming a few categories found in the AP Style guide.  The book is always coming out with new editions, so it is good to have the newest!

I love and NEED to use AP Style guide.  Every time I think I know how to use an abbreviation or write a number out in words, I always forget the rules.  There is not a consistent rule for each word or structure, so the book becomes very handy.

AP Style guide may be the 2nd greatest book to own! Bible being number one.



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