Keep up the commenting!

Grammar girl, How to Write a Great Blog Comment, she gives a few tips on blog comments and how to make them interesting and effective.

Tip 1: Determine your Motivation

Here, a decision is being made exactly the point you are trying to get across to your reader. Are you trying to make them laugh, think, inspired? Etc…

Tip 2: Provide Context

Be very clear with exactly what you are commenting on. Provide context and details.

Tip 3: Be Respectful

Don’t do comments bashing others. This will lead readers away.

Tip 4: Make a point

Explain reasons for statements. Do not make a statement without explaining the “Why’s?”

Tip 5: Know What You’re Talking About

Save time by actually do efficient research on what you are talking about. Know the facts inside and out!

Tip 6: Make One Point Per Comment

Tip 7: Keep it Short

Tip 8: Link Carefully

Use links wisely. Does the link make sense with the rest of the comment?

Tip 9: Proofread

On, 6 Crazy Awesome Commenting Tips to Increase Traffic, Alex Whalley describes some helpful ways to boost blog visiting.  I found his strategy is asking a question and continuing a conversation very effective.  By gaining good traffic to your own blog, it is good to comment on other’s blog, even if it is a small question of interest.  This will provide other bloggers to become interested in your own blog.

On, Blog Commenting Tips – 1 Link Building Technique You Should Know, Jean Lam talks about how efficient blog comments are good ways for networking with other people. I love this because I have my own blog and I eventually want to start a blog with my interests such as travel, food, photography, and any other hobby. These blog comments of mine will help me network with other people in my same area of interest. This could be great for my career.



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