Are you one who says that there is no time in the day?  Do you find yourself saying, “I am just so busy?”  According to “How to Avoid Social Media Overload,” by Dorie Clark huffingtonpost, Clark gives 4 steps to a healthy social networking lifestyle.  The first step is:

  1. Don’t be an early adopter

New technologies and social networking sites are being developed rapidly.  There are so many out there, but a good key to keep in mind is that we should avoid them until they become widely known.  It is good to wait for ones to become popular to use just incase they die out.

  1. Sample widely

It is good to be open to the popular social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, and blogs.  These are all widely used among most people in the world so it is good to explore to become familiar with these.

  1. Focus narrowly

Once familiar with the popular networks, it is good to focus on the ones you enjoy and work well at.  You don’t have to master all, just find aspects you enjoy.  If you like writing, blogging may be a good fit or if you don’t like using many words, Twitter may be perfect.

  1. Schedule the Time

Avoid extremes! It seems as if people either have obsessive compulsion towards social networking or completely avoid any ounce of it.  Schedule a healthy amount of time to be on it.  Be disciplined and keep in mind that you cannot know every information that comes across the site.


One Comment to “OVERLOAD-”

  1. This has been a very helpful post! I am horrible with time and I always try to be better at it but it never seems to work out. This gives some great times about time management that could be useful for anybody! Cause we all now that we could all use our time better.

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