NY Subway blog design??

Posts can get pretty creative and be used to display many unique inventions.  Creativity Online found a man named Alexander Chen who turned the NY subway train paths into an online instrument.  The project is found here: MTA.ME.  On Chen’s blog, he explains the making of the online architecture of the subway schedule.  Every minute, it checks for new trains and correlates to the exact time of the train’s trip duration time.

How did Chen do this?  He built the schedule using HTML5/Javascript.  The schedule is not a live, but provides a detailed schedule of the stops and departure times.

He also used music to create more of an artistic flair.  He found many of the sounds online such as freesound and Corsica_s.

This may seem very confusing to you, but this is an example of a fun creative blog with a  lot of intelligence! I hope it encourages you to go on a search for unique blogs and facts. 🙂


One Comment to “NY Subway blog design??”

  1. This is a great way to show how advanced technology is becoming. The internet and blogs are becoming so easy to do advanced things. It may seem difficult and very confusing on how to do certain designing and coding but there are a lot of websites and videos that can walk you through anything. The internet is definitely becoming more of a friendly platform.

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