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NEWSU- Grammar

In NEWSU, Cleaning your Copy, I learned much about grammar.  Grammar seems like such an easy thing to know when it comes to writing, but there are so many rules and so many different approaches to writing that a little class like this one helps a lot! When I took the quiz, I realized that punctuation and the basics of grammar did not come easily to me.

Colons are used instead of a period between two sentences that present contrasting ideas. This causes the sentence to flow. Something that surprised me was the fact that commas do not be used as much as I use them.  It is better to figure out a way to use a sentence with less commas. I never really knew when to put dashes and hyphens.  Cleaning your copy taught me how. Dashes denote an abrupt change and hyphens  join words.

Modifiers and Pronouns are something I learned more about doing this course.  You must place modifiers in the correct location.  When using a pronoun, it is best to keep in mind that the reader should know exactly who or what you are talking about.

In this NEWSU course, there were a list of words misspelled commonly. Some of those words were Accommodate, Anointed, Diphtheria, and Occurred.  I seem to always get those wrong! Thanks NEWSU!

Semicolons indicate a greater separation of thought when used and help to link independent clauses.

My dad used to be an English teacher, so I would always have him look over my papers before turning them in.  All my mistakes were in grammar.  I could always write beautiful stories, but when it came to grammar, yikes!  This course has really helped me in the little areas that I had questions.  Being a Journalist, we must know what to do when it comes to grammar.  Journalists out of most careers should probably take a grammar class and be familiar with the many forms of writing.


social media: a woman thing.

In “Study: Women outpacing men—in social media use,” Alan Pearcy explained that USA TODAY reported that woman use social media way more than men use social media.  In average, Pearcy explains that women participate in 6 or more social media activities.  I believe that woman blog and tumblr more than men do.  There are a lot of creative web pages that men stay away from.  73% of Internet users use social media.  The age rages of these users range from 18-34 year olds. Social media has become integrating into the lifestyle of the majority of young people.  It is a creative way to express and stay connected to a broad variety of people.

So are there downfalls to social media?  I believe so.  Social media can create a scapegoat from having intimate face-to-face relationships.  Because of the vast majority of social media participants, it can be scary to be “real” in person.  Women may need more practice in getting back to those coffee dates, rather, than blogging or facebook chatting all night.


More time please.

TIME. What a valuable word.  We all want more time in this world.  On A Simple Way to Manage Your Time, Willam Penn shares some tips to eliminate some stress by giving us practical ways to make a system to help in this area of our lives.

  1. Setting Priorities
  2. Completing daily tasks
  3. Eliminating distractions

Us PR Journalists need to time manage.  We need success and time management is key.  Not only is this important for our career, but also for every other area in our lives.

Here is the steps Penn shares:

  1. Make a “I must do column,” “I next do column,” “I could do column,” and “Not mine to do column.”
  2. What is the most important? Give this everything you got!
  3. What must on Step #1 need to be moved to another day?
  4. What do you WANT to do today?
  5. Fill in tomorrow’s “To do’s” on a sheet of paper.

Stick to these steps if you need help in time management!


Bakery in NYC//Great Marketing!

On A Bakery Gets Sweet Returns From Social-Media Blitz, a bakery in New York City thought of a creative way of advertising through Twitter, Facebook, and its Blog. They have been holding contests on Facebook and offering people discounts on those who “like” them. Since the bakery has been involved in social media, the shop has seen a 15% to 20% increase in sales since.  People all over the US are hearing about this shop and wanting the bakery to ship goods out. Their first intention was not for advertising, rather, to just create a page on Facebook to engage in culture.

Social Media is an amazing marketing tool for any kind of business.  It can be fun to think of creative ways to advertise and get the customers involved!  Photo contests, quizzes, surveys, etc… are all great tools to use on a Facebook or Blog page.  Twitter can be used to post Tweets on discounts and savings as well.


Holiday Time!

It is almost Valentine’s Day and couples all over the world are thinking of special and interesting date ideas. I found this blog on Ragan’s PR Daily cute, fun and festive. Top 10 Words for Valentine’s Day explain the meanings of the lovely words that get thrown around in this love month.

To find out where these words derived from and their meanings, check it out.
Have a Lovely Casanova Valentine’s Day!



Poynter helps us Journalists.

There are many topics that are discussed on Poynter to help aid in the start of my career. On —5 Things The Daily should learn from Flipboard, Angry Birds, Huffington Post and other iPad apps, talk about the different apps that become useful to a Journalist/PR person.  There are CNN and many other news apps you can get on an iPad, there are weather apps, ESPN apps, social news apps, and even game apps such as crosswords.  I would have never known that the iPad includes apps that are related to different news topics if it weren’t for Poynter!

Not only does Poynter contain many helpful articles, it also contains many live chats.  The next live chat is for tomorrow and it is on the role that image apps like Hipstamatic have in photojournalism. These chats can connect people like me to other journalists with the same interest.  The chats are very good networking tools and also help you keep in touch with other Journalists.

There are also many work shops and training classes that you can apply for. There are in-person training and even online training. These training sessions are designed to produce successful Journalists.



Blog thieves.

Plagiarism is not something to take lightly. If someone has copied my organization’s blog that I have been writing, I would take action!  I will describe the actions to take if any of you bloggers run into this tragedy.  According to, What to do When Someone Steals Your Blog’s Content, about blog plagiarism, the blogger gives advice on what to do.

  1. Contact the site concerned: Say someone copied my work, I would immediately contact the person who plagiarized and warn them to take my information off, and if not I would sue for copyright.
  2. Whois: Run a Whois.  A Whois a method to discover details of the owner of the blog.  There are many websites/services to do this.
  3. Contact the Site’s Hosts: If the blogger who plagiarized does not respond, contact the site wordpress for an example.  If they do not get a hold of the person, tell them that if they do not take it off, they will be sued for breech of copyright.
  4. File them to be banned from the internet
  5. Legal Action

There are more actions that were mentioned in Darren Rowse’s blog, but I mentioned the most useful. Darren Rowse had this happen to him, so he is experienced with someone taking his work and publishing it without consent.  Good thing I am mentioning him in my blog and giving him credit or I would be in BIG trouble.



AP Style!

According to Purdue Online Writing Lab, Associated Press Style (AP Style) is a guideline to help Journalists, Publishers, Editors, etc… in the Communication or English department.  Having a basic knowledge of the AP Style book is essential to any form of Communication and is essential to good writing.

Writing can get so confusing with the many forms of word usage, punctuation, grammar, and clarity.  This book is a good reference when unsure about a word, a phrase, a sentence structure, anything really.

Here are a few guidelines found in the book:

-abbreviations & acronyms



-books, periodicals, reference works, and other types of compositions

-dates, months, years, days of the week




There are many more, but that is just naming a few categories found in the AP Style guide.  The book is always coming out with new editions, so it is good to have the newest!

I love and NEED to use AP Style guide.  Every time I think I know how to use an abbreviation or write a number out in words, I always forget the rules.  There is not a consistent rule for each word or structure, so the book becomes very handy.

AP Style guide may be the 2nd greatest book to own! Bible being number one.



Keep up the commenting!

Grammar girl, How to Write a Great Blog Comment, she gives a few tips on blog comments and how to make them interesting and effective.

Tip 1: Determine your Motivation

Here, a decision is being made exactly the point you are trying to get across to your reader. Are you trying to make them laugh, think, inspired? Etc…

Tip 2: Provide Context

Be very clear with exactly what you are commenting on. Provide context and details.

Tip 3: Be Respectful

Don’t do comments bashing others. This will lead readers away.

Tip 4: Make a point

Explain reasons for statements. Do not make a statement without explaining the “Why’s?”

Tip 5: Know What You’re Talking About

Save time by actually do efficient research on what you are talking about. Know the facts inside and out!

Tip 6: Make One Point Per Comment

Tip 7: Keep it Short

Tip 8: Link Carefully

Use links wisely. Does the link make sense with the rest of the comment?

Tip 9: Proofread

On, 6 Crazy Awesome Commenting Tips to Increase Traffic, Alex Whalley describes some helpful ways to boost blog visiting.  I found his strategy is asking a question and continuing a conversation very effective.  By gaining good traffic to your own blog, it is good to comment on other’s blog, even if it is a small question of interest.  This will provide other bloggers to become interested in your own blog.

On, Blog Commenting Tips – 1 Link Building Technique You Should Know, Jean Lam talks about how efficient blog comments are good ways for networking with other people. I love this because I have my own blog and I eventually want to start a blog with my interests such as travel, food, photography, and any other hobby. These blog comments of mine will help me network with other people in my same area of interest. This could be great for my career.



NY Subway blog design??

Posts can get pretty creative and be used to display many unique inventions.  Creativity Online found a man named Alexander Chen who turned the NY subway train paths into an online instrument.  The project is found here: MTA.ME.  On Chen’s blog, he explains the making of the online architecture of the subway schedule.  Every minute, it checks for new trains and correlates to the exact time of the train’s trip duration time.

How did Chen do this?  He built the schedule using HTML5/Javascript.  The schedule is not a live, but provides a detailed schedule of the stops and departure times.

He also used music to create more of an artistic flair.  He found many of the sounds online such as freesound and Corsica_s.

This may seem very confusing to you, but this is an example of a fun creative blog with a  lot of intelligence! I hope it encourages you to go on a search for unique blogs and facts. 🙂