I wish my nickname was “Grammar Girl”

Everyone can always do better at grammar.  It is one of the things in life we never should stop learning about.  On Grammar Girl, “Desert” Versus “Dessert”, she writes about the phrase, “Just deserts” which when speaking would sound like “Just desserts.”  In this phrase, we are not talking about the hot desert in the middle of nowhere; neither are we talking about the chocolate cake dessert.  This writing phrase can be complicated.  What surprises me about this article is that I have never heard this phrase used, or I have, but never took notice of the sound or spelling.  The phrase “Just Deserts” according to the author is usually used in a negative connotation, meaning that you get what you “deserved.”  This is so interesting to me because I have never heard of this phrase, I have never thought much of what to do in a situation like this, and causes me to think about what other phrases are confusing like this.

When it comes to writing family last names in our writing, we better know how to write! There are many different ways to write last names depending on their endings. Here are some key tips from the article: How to Make Family Names Plural.

-Never use “ies” instead, use

-Some names need an “es” to become plural. Names that end in “s,” x,” “z,” “ch,” and “sh.”

-Remember, do not use Apostrophe’s to Make Names Plural!

-“Messrs” is the plural for “Mr,” the plural for “Mrs.” is “Mmes,” and the plural for “Ms.” are less clear, but it also can be “Mmes.”

In Grammar Girl’s article, “Should You Ever Put a Space Before a Period?” is interesting because I have never heard of someone placing a space before a period. An example of this is: “I went to the store .”  The French use this approach when dealing with punctuation marks. Grammar girl says that this use of spacing has been newly seen amongst English writers, and that it is good to discuss it.  This spacing could be the cause of using Twitter’s @ application, or any other way of formatting hyperlinks.  Other reasons why could be software bugs, auto-complete spacing, or just plain sloppiness.  I say we stick to no spacing !  😉


2 Comments to “I wish my nickname was “Grammar Girl””

  1. Grammar Girl is my new love! I would never have know that “Just Deserts” was for that purpose. I’ve never really understood that phrase, nor would I have know it was spelled that way. It’s always beneficial to know the meanings behind phrases like that, I suppose. I haven’t been introduce to the space before a period, but I agree with you, I say no space is good. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of spacing before a period for papers that require a minimum length! haha I’ll have to try that sometime(Just kidding for all my professors that may be reading this blog;). Anyways that is really interesting, I’ve never heard of that before reading this blog post. Thanks for the info:)

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