Chaotic Cairo

Most of us have heard of the of the riots in Cairo, Egypt against the laws and regulations set into place again social media usage.  As of today, according to the article “Egyptians Defiant as Mubarak Appoints a No. 2” in New York Times, there have been more riots against President Hosni Mubarak’s curfew/threats.  This article states that members of the army joined in an battle against Egyptian police officers.  Pools of blood covered the streets and many violent acts.  On friday, the crowd pulled back to positions defending core government buildings which included joyful sounds of triumph.  Mubarak changed curfew to 4 p.m., but this did not imrpove the protestors revolting.  As for cellphones, they have been restored to the majority of the country, but there is still a block of social networking, stated David D. KirkPatrick.  The article ended off saying that Cairo still heard gunfire.

Also, a recent press release:

Egypt Protests Live Feed in Cairo for Anti-Government Rally, Egyptian Online Webcam Stream

mentioned Friday’s riots as the biggest riots so far.


2 Comments to “Chaotic Cairo”

  1. I’ve just read an article about this and how they have just shut down their internet. They are the first country with a major internet system to completely shut down. Can you imagine if the United States would shut down our whole internet system? What would we do with our live? Crazy thoughts!

  2. All this stuff is crazy, I just can’t believe everything that is so out of hand over there. What is even more amazing is how we have so much coverage of it, and yet there Internet was completely taken away from them. Times like those I’m so thankful to be located where I am.

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