Social media is taking over!

Only some would recognize these little birdies as more than just blue little birdies.  This bird appears all over twitter in many different ways.  Social networking when talked about seems hated by us Americans.  We say things like “Facebook is a waste of time,” “Twitter is stupid, who cares that George is eating a cheeseburger!” “Why is she blogging about her life? She must be lonely.”  I have heard many phrases like these among social networking users.  I myself have used these phrases even though I enjoy browsing on my facebook, my twitter, and my other wordpress blog.  I also listen to many podcasts of my favorite pastors, but when I think of social networking, I think of placing myself out there and I personally do not do my own podcasts.


My favorite thing about facebook would be the pictures.  I really enjoy photography, so the majority of the time that I am on facebook is to check other’s photography and share my own.  I also love to see friends’ pictures.  I love to see where people travel and to visualize what is happening in my friends’ lives.  I also really love how there are event invitations given out on facebook.  This makes life so much easier to get a word across about any social gathering.  I have used facebook event to invite people to school events, concerts, birthday parties, etc…  Without facebook event, I would not get out as much as I do!  Comments are fun too.  I love to leave silly and nice comments to show my appreciation for people.  I used to always leave funny videos as comments, but I regret this.  It is not something to be proud of when you realize everyone on your news feed has checked it out!


Twitter has been a newer favorite among mine.  I used to be against it and never wanted to use it.  I thought it was silly and I thought it was a way to brag to others about what you were doing.  I warmed up to it and started to love it! I do not check it as much as I used to when I first got it, but I probably scroll through it maybe once a day.  Twitter helps me stay in tune with my friends and what is happening in their days.  Just like photography on facebook, twit-pics are my favorite on twitter!


I have a wordpress blog:  On this site, I try to make it interesting by posting pictures of fun events in my everyday life.  Sometimes I mention interesting things I found out to share with my readers.


Social networking is great.  We just have to admit it, but also not become addicted.



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