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Chaotic Cairo

Most of us have heard of the of the riots in Cairo, Egypt against the laws and regulations set into place again social media usage.  As of today, according to the article “Egyptians Defiant as Mubarak Appoints a No. 2” in New York Times, there have been more riots against President Hosni Mubarak’s curfew/threats.  This article states that members of the army joined in an battle against Egyptian police officers.  Pools of blood covered the streets and many violent acts.  On friday, the crowd pulled back to positions defending core government buildings which included joyful sounds of triumph.  Mubarak changed curfew to 4 p.m., but this did not imrpove the protestors revolting.  As for cellphones, they have been restored to the majority of the country, but there is still a block of social networking, stated David D. KirkPatrick.  The article ended off saying that Cairo still heard gunfire.

Also, a recent press release:

Egypt Protests Live Feed in Cairo for Anti-Government Rally, Egyptian Online Webcam Stream

mentioned Friday’s riots as the biggest riots so far.


I wish my nickname was “Grammar Girl”

Everyone can always do better at grammar.  It is one of the things in life we never should stop learning about.  On Grammar Girl, “Desert” Versus “Dessert”, she writes about the phrase, “Just deserts” which when speaking would sound like “Just desserts.”  In this phrase, we are not talking about the hot desert in the middle of nowhere; neither are we talking about the chocolate cake dessert.  This writing phrase can be complicated.  What surprises me about this article is that I have never heard this phrase used, or I have, but never took notice of the sound or spelling.  The phrase “Just Deserts” according to the author is usually used in a negative connotation, meaning that you get what you “deserved.”  This is so interesting to me because I have never heard of this phrase, I have never thought much of what to do in a situation like this, and causes me to think about what other phrases are confusing like this.

When it comes to writing family last names in our writing, we better know how to write! There are many different ways to write last names depending on their endings. Here are some key tips from the article: How to Make Family Names Plural.

-Never use “ies” instead, use

-Some names need an “es” to become plural. Names that end in “s,” x,” “z,” “ch,” and “sh.”

-Remember, do not use Apostrophe’s to Make Names Plural!

-“Messrs” is the plural for “Mr,” the plural for “Mrs.” is “Mmes,” and the plural for “Ms.” are less clear, but it also can be “Mmes.”

In Grammar Girl’s article, “Should You Ever Put a Space Before a Period?” is interesting because I have never heard of someone placing a space before a period. An example of this is: “I went to the store .”  The French use this approach when dealing with punctuation marks. Grammar girl says that this use of spacing has been newly seen amongst English writers, and that it is good to discuss it.  This spacing could be the cause of using Twitter’s @ application, or any other way of formatting hyperlinks.  Other reasons why could be software bugs, auto-complete spacing, or just plain sloppiness.  I say we stick to no spacing !  😉


Social media is taking over!

Only some would recognize these little birdies as more than just blue little birdies.  This bird appears all over twitter in many different ways.  Social networking when talked about seems hated by us Americans.  We say things like “Facebook is a waste of time,” “Twitter is stupid, who cares that George is eating a cheeseburger!” “Why is she blogging about her life? She must be lonely.”  I have heard many phrases like these among social networking users.  I myself have used these phrases even though I enjoy browsing on my facebook, my twitter, and my other wordpress blog.  I also listen to many podcasts of my favorite pastors, but when I think of social networking, I think of placing myself out there and I personally do not do my own podcasts.


My favorite thing about facebook would be the pictures.  I really enjoy photography, so the majority of the time that I am on facebook is to check other’s photography and share my own.  I also love to see friends’ pictures.  I love to see where people travel and to visualize what is happening in my friends’ lives.  I also really love how there are event invitations given out on facebook.  This makes life so much easier to get a word across about any social gathering.  I have used facebook event to invite people to school events, concerts, birthday parties, etc…  Without facebook event, I would not get out as much as I do!  Comments are fun too.  I love to leave silly and nice comments to show my appreciation for people.  I used to always leave funny videos as comments, but I regret this.  It is not something to be proud of when you realize everyone on your news feed has checked it out!


Twitter has been a newer favorite among mine.  I used to be against it and never wanted to use it.  I thought it was silly and I thought it was a way to brag to others about what you were doing.  I warmed up to it and started to love it! I do not check it as much as I used to when I first got it, but I probably scroll through it maybe once a day.  Twitter helps me stay in tune with my friends and what is happening in their days.  Just like photography on facebook, twit-pics are my favorite on twitter!


I have a wordpress blog:  On this site, I try to make it interesting by posting pictures of fun events in my everyday life.  Sometimes I mention interesting things I found out to share with my readers.


Social networking is great.  We just have to admit it, but also not become addicted.



My Blog Comments

#1.”If anyone wants to track me down, let me make it easy for you” by kylelashcraft

URL link
Posted by kelseyleu on January 26, 2011 at 2:41 pm

I used to dislike twitter as much as you seem to. I have been bi-polar with my love for it, but at the moment I enjoy it, but am not crazy about it. What I like about it is that I can see the mood that my friends are in. It makes me so happy to see my friends having fun or saying something funny. I also really enjoy reading quotes from favorite pastors, seeing twit-pics of what my friends are doing, and also being mysterious about my tweets (at times). I suggest you get creative with your tweets, it is a lot more fun than saying something so black and white! 🙂


“How I use social media” Angela Myers

January 26, 2011 at 9:18 pm

I agree with how social networking can clutter our life! It is crazy to think how much we time in a cyber-world which is not even reality! I am sure we would have more intimate friends if we got off facebook more often and sat down with a person actually, in person.


“Topic of the Week #1~ Social Media in Everyday Life” by Laurie Lea

Jan. 26th, 2011 at 2:49 pm It is good to hear of a social network that I have never heard of before. There are so many out there that I am sure could become just as popular as facebook or twitter. If there are so many social networking sites, it makes me wonder how the ones become as famous as they do. Is it the advertising? The money?


HELPFUL TIPS FOR THE WRITER January 23, 2011 by cccromeans

Jan. 27, 2011

I always forget to make my pronouns agree in the “person.” This is a good key to remember. We mostly use 3rd or 1st person when writing, so we must make sure that all of our words and sentences are in the same person. Good thing to remember and be conscious of!


PR Pitch Guaranteed to Grab Attention by Rachel Laflam

Jan. 27, 2011

I love this! This is hilarious and a great way to advertise! I may use this technique in my journalism career by bringing in humor to draw the reader in. It is a fun and creative approach to get the point across. Also, seeing many people dressed in weird clothing on the video drew me in to read the article.


Topics of the Third Week by Tiffany Hobby

January 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm

This is such good advice! Whenever I used to leave blog comments, I would never even consider my audience and I wrote in a very casual tone. I will start to pay close attention to detail when I write and to make sure I am portraying the information as exciting, clear, and interesting to my readers!

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“Turn off the lights, water, TV…and the Internet???” by Angela Glaly

January 28, 2011
at 7:22 PM

I am so glad you posted this. I really had no idea the details about Egypt, but I have over heard the financial disaster they were in earlier today.  I had no idea that they had to cancel the internet to save money.  This type of control of government is so different from ours.  This is horrible.  We must pray for our nation… Obama really cannot do much about this.  We must always be mindful of how blessed we are as a nation.


Hanes=Child Labor by Heather Davis

February 7, 2011 at 6:57 pm

This is absolutely horrible! This also makes me think about all the clothing I wear. Most of my clothing is not made in the US, so that probably means a poor girl is being abused in the process of making my clothes.  I do not like this. I would like to find a way to help change this aspect of unfair labor of children in other countries.


“One Color, No More Stripes”

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I used to love the White Stripes! So sad to hear this. It is very much like them to not give definite explanations to why they did this. I am sure they are on to more things, hopefully one day they will produce music again even if they do not do it together!


A Super BOWL of munchies and 30 second clips! by PRetty in Pink

I watch the superbowl for both the game and the commercials. It is shocking to me how much one pays for an ad during the superbowl! We do remember the commercials for a long time afterwards. To be honest, when I remember the commercials, I think of the entertainment and not the product being sold.

February 10, 2011 at 4:55 pm


Justin Bieber’s movie premiere by Speaker

Heather, I love how funny you are! You are bold to actually admit your love for Justin Bieber. I do not personally like him and think he is a bit annoying, but you must let me know how the movie is! Maybe I will enjoy him as an actor. I had no idea he was coming out with a movie…


“Social Media or Alternative Living?” by Jon Santana

Thank you for sharing so much of your heart, Jon. I feel like we have a connection of our use of social media. I have not used Tumblr, but I trust in your wisdom and will have to check it out sometime. I like this quote by you, “It is also a great place to vent and just write/post what you feel like.” Very encouraging!


Kennedy Era by Christine Wilson

February 10, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Christine, you write with such elegance and grace! I love your blogging style–very different than most people and the way you started off this comment caught my eye! I really enjoy hearing that you would have wrote in that era. Hmmmm.. I think I would have been a writer in the 1960′s. That just sounds right.

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Valentines Day Recap by T_HOBBY

kelseyleuFebruary 22, 2011 at 10:51 am #

Finally! A blog comment that I am very interested in. :) I love to bake and for the majority of my surfing on the internet is in search for food blogs–typically organic/gluten free yummyness. I am so glad you baked your boyfriend something, that is probably the cutest thing you can do and it is made from the heart! Continue to put up recipes and I will gladly read.


Facebook is adding new options by Angela Myers

kelseyleu said,

February 22, 2011 at 10:57 am

I had no idea this took place. Hm, interesting. I don’t really have a bias to this. I don’t agree with gay marriage, but if the gay population wants that, I guess it is okay. There are so many changes facebook must make in order for it to be fair towards everyone. This is just one step before a million other people will want things directly for them. I love that you put the comment about the “dislike” button. I would love that!!


Job-seekers, here’s one tip to vastly improve your chances by Becky Johns

2 minutes ago

Wow! Thank you for these tips! I actually have not even considered any other paper work besides a resume when it comes to applying to a PR job. This really helps and I plan on making sure I never do any stupid mistakes. I do not want my resume thrown out because I was not intentional.

(PR Daily)


An Applebee’s serves tequila to a 15-month-old; chain calls it ‘unacceptable’ by Michael Sebastian

kelseyleu1p· 4 minutes ago

This is insane. Why in the world would anyone do this? This is serious business. I am interested in more details to what took place. I would like to know how this even happened without anybody noticing.. When accepting co-workers, Applebee’s must be aware of exactly who they are hiring.

(PR Daily)


Tips for new Bloggers by Heather Davis

Great tips! You actually have a lot of the same ideas that I have so we have similar minds ;) I really enjoyed how you put pictures next to each tip and how you focused specifically on blogging.. I now will be a more creative blogger!


It’s Friday? by Amber Sakis

Apr 11, 2011 @ 21:28:24

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I do not get the hype about this song to be honest. If it is for humor, I do not even get the humor. This is not funny, neither is it creative. I am not a fan and wish that people would stop talking about her. haha. I do not usually look at YouTube so I was exposed to this video by many of my classmates.


“Anyone want some Girl Scout cookies?” by Jordan Staggs

kelseyleuApril 11, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

I love girl scout cookies so much!! What a cool idea to have the cookies selling on facebook. I remember when I was very young getting girl scout cookies–who would of thought that as I am an adult that the cookies would still be selling and now on facebook. Clever ;)

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